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Savate includes both sport and self defence elements, and is a great way to increase your fitness, flexibility and confidence. Savate skills are developed through training in attacking and defensive combinations, movement, flexibility, cardio and sparring training. 

Visit SavateTV on YouTube to see some videos of Savate Assaut and Savate Combat competitions.

In the video below, you can see Instructors Julie and Morgan teaching an introductory session of Canne de Combat. Canne is the 'sister art' of Savate, often taught by the same instructors.

Savate has a long history, developing in France in the 1800s. To learn more about the history of Savate, equipment needed, and training combinations, we recommend that you visit Ollie Batts' website

For anyone interested in measuring the progress against a standard, there is an optional system of grading.

Savate Grades are by glove ranking - a patch can be worn on the training top or  integrale.



To be able to touch an opponent



To be able to touch an opponent after blocking an attack
To recognise an attack, to be able to defend and counter it



To be able to touch an open target whilst being attacked
To be able to anticipate the attack and choose the most appropriate defence (block, parry, side-step etc.) in order to reach an unprotected open target



To be able to touch an open target before being touched
To be able to anticipate an attack and counter before opponent has completed his / her attacking technique



To be able to create an open target and touch it before being touched
To be able to create an unprotected target by using a feint or 'dummy' and then to touch that target, with an appropriate technique, without being countered



To be able to create open targets on an opponent and to touch those unprotected targets using advanced techniques, before being touched or countered
To be able to 'flow' with a partner in sparring (assaut)
  All Levels  To demonstrate all techniques with style, co-ordination and control 


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We offer courses for beginners (see Beginning Savate in the menu), but you are welcome to start at any time. 


We currently offer new trainees a flexible three night trial costing just £10. To book your trial, please email us :, or if you prefer to speak with someone, please call our Senior Instructor, Ollie Batts, on 077 09 814 422

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