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Savate (pronounced 'Sa-vat' and also known as Boxe Française) is an effective fighting sport from France. We have regular classes and beginners' courses in Cambridge at St Bede's.


Savate is an efficient, tactical method of fighting using the feet and hands. One clear difference from other kick-punch sports is that savateurs wear light-weight boots. This comes from our history, traceable to the early part of the 19th century.

During the first half of the 1800's, Charles Lecour combined English Boxing with French foot-fighting taken from the old street fighting methods of 'savate' (a slang term for 'old shoe' or 'old boot'), and the more flamboyant style of 'Chausson' (the name of a sailor's deck shoe).

Nowadays, Savate is made up of two inseparable parts: Savate Boxe and Savate Defence. Savate Boxe is one-on-one fighting, in a ring with a referee, judges and rules, wearing Savate gloves and boots. Savate Defence has no rules, however, as it is a method of all-in fighting for self-defence.


Canne is the sister art of Savate, including Canne de Combat, Baton and Canne Chausson. Canne de Combat is an exciting and dynamic form of cane-fighting. Participants wear padded clothing and safety equipment in competition.


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